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A comprehensive Human Resources service, specialized in Japan and Asia

We recruit highly-qualified profiles to find the key jobs of your company. We are expert in executive recruitment and specialized profiles to structure and develop your company on the European and Japanese markets.



Top management
A. Organization management B. R&D base and factory management C. Top management, the executives
– The president / the vice president of the subsidiary – The supply towards the manufacturers, the constructors – The executives of the European headquarter
– The leadership of the organization – The regulatory affairs – The executives of Japanese subsidiary
– The expansion of the company in Europe and Japan – The development of the intervention capacities according to the market demand in Europe – The president of the subsidiary who also plays the role as sales manager


Governing and Management body
A. Front Office
= The market share / the expansion of the company =
B. Back Office
= The legal conformity and the local regulations, the consolidated accounts =
C. Engineers
= The European and Japanese regulation compliance, the technical measures, R&D and innovation =
– The sales manager – The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) – The coordinator with the Japanese R&D
– The sales engineer – The administrative manager – Quality control
– The marketing director – The Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) – The application
– The responsible of the accounting for the consolidated accounts – R&D


Strategic advice & organization of your employees

– Strategic consultancy to optimize your business organization of your business
– Strategic consultancy for the setting-up of your subsidiary